Author Chloe Marsh with a m16

I’m a mystery and thriller writer that has an obsession with Siamese cats,
travel, and crime.  I’m a self-proclaimed recluse who only comes out of hiding to hit the bookstore or attend my knitting group (maybe it’s all that plotting of murders).  I grew up in a rural village in Western NY, but have traveled the world with my active duty husband.  Currently, I live near Austin, TX.

14 Things You May Not Know About Me:

  1. I’m a published knitwear designer (my softer/ sweet side).
  2. I also weave and spin (yarn that is).
  3. I’ve worked as a medical ghostwriter (zzzzz snooze fest lol).
  4. I avoid elevators at all costs (severe vertigo).
  5. I’m super clumsy and have been known to trip over my cats.
  6. I have a metal plate and 7 screws in my right wrist.
  7. I used to read Tarot cards professionally.
  8. I’m a practicing witch (now you can say you know a real life witch and guess what she’s super sweet lol)/
  9. My cats are my children.
  10. I worked as a car salesman.
  11. I met my husband in the reptile aisle of a pet store (I constantly remind him of this when he reminds me how strange I am).
  12. I have 13 tattoos.
  13. My alter ego holds a Ph.D. in health psychology.
  14. Fall is my favorite season (love the smells, leaves, crisp air, and pumpkin seeds).